Two Gals Starting Something a Lil Special…

The Beach Peach is a concept we created based on our vision to create some silky luxury items that empower young women through making them feel sophisticated, comfortable and edgy. Living near the coast for most of our lives and constantly venturing to places like Mozambique, we felt there was a need to bring a new dimension to beach fashion all together. So, we sat down and made a list of what we want our shoppers to experience and it all came down to elevating your coastal experience through making you feel beautiful, mobile and confident.

While the satin slip dress is light, non- crease sensitive and universally flattering piece; it is a trend that hit Europes’ 2016 runways hard and brought a fresh perspective toward simplistic luxury-wear. We also are extending the summer collection to velvet chokers, embroidered mesh T-shirts and embroidered and sequenced barrettes. These items will primarily be made in emerald green, baby blush and royal blue with the latter possibility of plum and midnight silver.

We are so excited to launch our product to you all soon as the support and feedback means a lot to us. Furthermore; we want to reiterate that The Beach Peach focuses on experiential retail practices and so would love nothing more than to make you feel fantastic in our dresses while experiencing the brand through packaging, service and quality. Jules and I have some great stuff coming and are hopeful in creating a brand that focuses on high-standards, meeting your coastal-retail needs and in general make you all feel just peachy!

We will be sure to keep you posted throughout our process of whats to come this summer !

Annabel x